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16 November 2019
Afghanistan government appointed seven new ambassadors, a source from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) confirmed on Wednesday.
The source said that based on the government decision Nemat Saier, Helena Malikyar, Abbas Noyan, Hassan Sorosh, Yusuf Ghafoorzai, Mohib Spinghar and Shahzadgul Aryubi as new ambassadors of Afghanistan to Germany, Italy, Sweden, Canada, Norway, Malaysia and Czech Republic, respectively.
Last week, President Ghani appointed three acting ministers for Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Ministry of Energy and Water and Ministry of Higher Education. The new acting ministers are Fahim Hashemi, Tahir Sharan, and Abdul Tawab Balakarzai.
The move sparked a strong backlash from his critics, mainly those facing Ghani in the upcoming presidential elections.
“Any change in ministers recently is only considered a political decision, not another move,” Abdullah said. “It is unfortunate that when the changes happen, the people of Afghanistan, including the relevant ministers are informed through social media.”
In response to recent appointments made by President Ghani, the Council of Presidential Candidates on Sunday accused Ghani of “bullying and violating the laws of the country”.
They said that recent appointments and dismissals in the government indicate that Ghani had no respect for the laws.