Field Mission of Eshtheghal Zaiee – Karmondena (EZ-Kar) Management (Component 3/IDLG and Component 5/MoEc) to Jalalabad and Asadabad


21 April 2021
The project of concreting Reg e Shah Mard Khan Street in the 2nd District of Jalalabad city was inaugurated in the presence of Dr. Sebghatullah, the Deputy Minister of IDLG for Municipalities, Mr. Babrak Miakhel, the Deputy Governor of Nangarhar province, Mr. Abaseen Baheer, the Mayor of Jalalabad city, Mr. Matiullah Jahed, the Executive Director of EZ-Kar project and Mr. Wasil Akhar, the Program Manager of the EZ-Kar PIU 5.
The street project as the second accomplished project of Ez-Kar with a 1785 meters long, is under the World Bank fund at the cost of AFN22,100,124, completed in six months., The construction of this street not only facilitates the daily activities of local people but also created 250 jobs. Around 11,200 residents of the concerned area would benefit from this project.
After the project inauguration, Dr. Sebghatullah, Mr. Miakhel, Mr. Baheer, Mr. Jahed, and the Directors of Economy, Refugees and Returnees, and Mines in Kunar province conducted meetings for further strengthening of coordination, effective implementation of the project and visiting the provincial management units in Jalalabad and Asadabad.
The meetings started with the opening remarks of Dr. Sebghatullah with an emphasize on the joint efforts for the effective and timely implementation of the projects and maintaining an atmosphere of trust between the relevant entities, the people and the EZ-Kar staff. Subsequently, Mr. Jahed briefed the participants on the objectives and current status of EZ-Kar. He further added that 10 more priority investment projects at the cost of USD 5.74 Million are cleared to start in Jalalabad city.
At the meantime, at a meeting held at the Office of Provincial Management Unit (PMU) in Jalalabad on 21 April 2021, Mr. Rahmatullah Khogyani, the PMU Head in Jalalabad highlighted the significant progress in regard to Facilitating Partners (FPs), mobilization and creating an atmosphere of trust between key stakeholders especially community people and the government departments.
On the following day, at a meeting held at EZ-Kar PMU in Asadabad, Mr. Habib Gul Safi, the Asadabad PMU Head considered the FPs recruitment progress as a good omen. He also pointed out the strengthening of coordination and the establishment of a Community Development Council (CDC) and integrating the details to the EZ-Kar MIS. Moreover, he said that the two other CDCs are at their final stage to be established and the work on the remaining CDCs has already been started. Mr. Safi also mentioned that a 10-day workshop was conducted for FPs, City Coordinator and the EZ-Kar provincial staff on EZ-Kar overall activities and a virtual EBGS session for the provincial staff. The virtual workshop soon be conducted in Paron city.
In the end, the participants in the meetings emphasized on further cooperation, coordination and timely completion of the projects and assured their full support for the timely and effective implementation of the projects.