Updates on 13 Development Projects Implemented by EZ-Kar Cities Investment Program (CIP) in Herat City


9 August 2021

Updates on 13 Development Projects Implemented by EZ-Kar Cities Investment Program (CIP) in Herat City 

28 July 2021

Construction of quality and standard roads and drainages in urban areas mainly facilitates transport and commutation of the citizens.  Not only does it create clean and aesthetic environment, it will contribute to social, economic and cultural development of cities.

CIP is currently working on 13 development projects, including constructing roads and cleaning the canals in Herat city, of which three are completed and the rest are in progress.

Construction of Salakhi-Ha Road, Seyed Akhtar Agha Road and Zinul-Abedin Road in PD#3, 6 and 11 of Herat city respectively are completed. These projects include 3929 meters’ road construction/paving, construction of 8109 meters of canals, 9717 meters of sidewalks, and installation of 158 electricity stations and 51 garbage dumps. They are all constructed of high quality and standards along with the road lining and installing signboards and traffic signs.  The mentioned projects provided access to road and transportation for around 37,800 inhabitants and created 3524 working days’ jobs for skilled workers and 7048 working days’ jobs for unskilled workers.

Additionally, CIP is implementing 8 projects that concern graveling of a total of 17544 meters long road and cleaning two canals projects with a length of 1200 meters in different areas of Herat city. It is to note that such projects facilitate the provision of temporary job opportunities for citizens.

City Investment Program is an EZ-Kar component implemented by IDLG DMM operating in five major cities of Afghanistan, including Herat, Mazar-e-Sharif, Nangarhar, Kandahar, and Khost, to rebuild urban infrastructure, strengthen the financial framework of municipalities and financial management, and implement development projects.