Regional and National Integration of Displaced Persons

REGIONAL AND NATIONAL INTEGRATION OF DISPLACED PERSONS (US$4.5 million) In support of the regional commitments that the Governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan set out in the SSAR framework and tripartite agreements, this component will support Afghan refugees in Pakistan and their voluntary repatriation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) will be the Implementing Agency (IA) both in Afghanistan and Pakistan,  while  the  Ministry  of  Refugees  and Repatriation  (MoRR)  will  be  involved  in  the  implementation  of communications  activities.  The  component  provides  technical assistance,  institutional  support  and  training, necessary equipment, and operational assistance to MoFA to: (a) enhance its capacity to provide consular services (such as issuance of passports and verification of certificates); (b) develop and implement a joint communication strategy for MoFA and MoRR to disseminate information to Afghan refugees in Pakistan in order to facilitate their  access to economic opportunities and social services through information centers at MoFA missions in selected cities of Pakistan, in collaboration with MoRR; and “C” support day‐to‐day implementation of Component 1 of the Project.